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What is a CurlCase?

Dear Curly Heads,

Let me ask you this: does your cell phone have a case? If your answer is no, stop reading this and go get a case for it immediately! However, for the vast majority of us with cell phones the answer to that is yes. Why? Because we want to protect our phones. We want them to last because they’re an investment. Your phone is important to you; most don’t even leave home without it! This is what a CurlCase does for your hair (ANY type of hair, not just curly hair). Encase it to protect it and preserve it, whatever the style may be. Skip the wash and keep the style!

I created the CurlCase when I decided to go natural, but realized I was too lazy and always on-the-go and did not have time to redo my hair every single day. For those of you who don’t have curly hair, let me explain. Curly hair can be very complex especially when you first try to figure it out. You can use the exact same products, the exact same method and brushes/combs, follow the same routine, and will still end up with different results each time which can be frustrating. You end up having to wet your hair each morning, attempt to detangle it, and try to make the curls look nice and bouncy with no frizz each day. That can take up to an hour, even more if you decide to diffuse it (blow dry it).

The CurlCase was created to make it easier to Wear Your Curls. When I started hair blogging, my motto was: “Permanently tired and always in a rush, but good looking curls are always a must!’. I am very low maintenance and always on the go, but my hair is the one thing that needs to look nice. The CurlCase gives me good looking curls every single day until wash day comes along. The CurlCase is the product the curly hair community has been needing and waiting for, but did not know existed. How do I know? Because I was that person.The CurlCase is a fashionable hair care product that has completely revolutionized my daily hair routine.

Forget having to get satin or silk pillow cases that doesn't match the rest of your bed spread. Forget the days where you wake up to find hair strands all over your bed and pillow cases. Forget the days of not knowing what your curls will look like the next day. Forget wearing bonnets that squash your curls and get rid of your volume. Forget the days of trying to wear a satin scarf and hoping it doesn't slide off as you sleep (it will). You may not be able to trust your curls, but you can trust that when you wake up the next morning, the CurlCase will keep them in the exact same state you left them the night before. You can trust that your hair was encased, protected, and made to last another day!

Go to the ‘How do you CurlCase?’ tab to see some of the different ways a CurlCase can be worn.

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